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Corporate Projects

We believe corporate design is an expression of a company's culture and core values. We have extensive experience working with designers through every stage of a project, and you can rely on us to propose products that match your aesthetic intention, and also fit your budget expectations. We invite you to call on our expertise, allow us to do the leg work, while you spend your time creating the next extraordinary workplace environment.

Health Care Projects

The ultimate goal of every health care project is to empower the patients, with respect to their emotional and psychological needs, while balancing the operational and financial requirements of the organization. Specialty Tile Products is your partner in the floor & wall covering selection process, lending you our expertise, to ensure you have access to products that not only impact the patient's mood, but also improve air quality and sanitation.

Hospitality Projects

A successful hotel design requires functionality, harmony, consistency and it must also stand out among the competition. Working with Specialty Tile Products during the floor and wall covering selection process will give you access to products which generate the most value for your budget. It's our business to match our products with your inspiration.

National Accounts

Specialty Tile services many prestigious national accounts all over the US. We excel at servicing these accounts logistically and can provide exceptional management of ongoing projects.

Retail Projects

Good retail space designers create shopping experiences which transcend transactions; they manifest the brand and enrich shoppers' lives. Sometimes the brand is manifested distinctly, in key areas of the space, such as the entrance area, shopping area and checkout area. We can help you source tile that creates distinction, or focal points that make a difference and enhance the space.

Service Industry Projects

There are over a million bars and restaurants in the United States, each with its own concept, requiring a unique approach to each design. Perhaps the most important consideration is how to set your client apart in an extremely competitive industry. We can help you find products to match your inspiration. Our selection changes on a regular basis, and we offer not only trend-setting products, but also a gamut of boutique products you won't find anywhere else.

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Are you looking for tile?

Our sales representatives and showroom design consultants are at your service to assist you with finding tile products. It's our business to make the tile selection process inspirational, and we would love to work with you in person; whether at our showroom location, or at your firm. If you don't see what you're looking for on our website, click "Contact" and tell us about your project. We'll do the legwork for you.

To search for products, use the search bar on the main menu. If you're on a desktop computer, you'll see the search bar right after the word "Contact". If you're on your mobile phone, click "Menu" to expand the menu, and the search bar will be at the bottom after "Contact".

Type your search phrase and press Enter on your keyboard, or Go on your mobile device. The results displayed will be product lines, colors within a product line, or both. Click on a product to view the detail page.

We use keywords to match your search to a range of products. You can include size, color, or visual look (like concrete, stone, wood, etc.) in your search phrase, and then use filters to refine your search. Filters appear at the top of the product list.

For example, if you are looking for something neutral, but light, that looks like wood; you might search for "white wood". If you are searching for subway tile for a backsplash, your search phrase might be "3x6 backsplash" or "subway tile". Then, you might use a filter to only show "blue" tiles in the result. You can add or remove filters, combining them to show you exactly what you are looking for.