Of Note

Designed by Powell Studios. Photographed by Emily Dorio.
Nashville, Tennessee

The Project

Out of the pandemic rose an idea to create a shared co-working space for influencers and content creators alike.  Designed by Powell Studios, their team took this existing residential space nuzzled in the heart of Nashville and converted into a commercial level space thats filled with different colors, textures, and patterns to create the perfect backdrop.

The Products

Bold, beautiful, and pops of organic color. STP Rep Whitney Braisted assisted in finding our best tiles for the project. From the bold black and white veining of Etoile Renoir, to the unexpected combination of two of our top handmade ceramic look options, Balance white and Fez green, this project feels timeless and fun.

 Etoile Renoir  Etoile Renoir   Balance White Balance White    Fez Green & White Fez Green & White