The colors in this moment are light and airy, feeling like a rural country sideor a field of tulips. As we rise out of a grim pandemic, this story brings about hope, happiness, and color.

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A. Paper41 A. Paper41 B. Technicolor B. Technicolor C. I Variegati C. I Variegati

D. Tetris D. Tetris E. Marvel X E. Marvel X F. Sicily F. Sicily

G. Ibla G. Ibla

"To me, this story is fun, fresh, and COLORFUL!! After so many years of neutrals and greys (not that there's anything wrong with those either!), I'm excited to see inspirational purples and pinks used in new, exciting ways."
Justine Kersey Marketing Communications Manager

Much like the desert skyline, the overall feel of sedona modernism is minimalistic and refined, yet boasting of natural earthen colors. Design lacks ornamentation and emphasizes functionality. Interiors are incorporating clean curves and monolithic pieces like arched dooways, rounded stairwells, and rubenesque sofas.

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A.  Mand A.  Mand B. Unique Travertine B. Unique Travertine C. Nebula C. Nebula

D. Ebony and Ivory D. Ebony and Ivory E. Corsica E. Corsica F. Oudh F. Oudh

G. Ebony and Ivory G. Ebony and Ivory H. Flauti H. Flauti I. Seamless I. Seamless