So... Why Seamless?

Scoot over, 12x24s. Large format porcelain panels are making waves!  From stunning bathrooms, to fully-cladded airports, bigger is proving to be better.
 Here's why: 

Less seams

Imagery isn't broken up by grout lines, and design is interpreted on a larger scale. Spaces feel larger and cohesive with surfaces adorned by consistent material throughout. Grout staining and discoloring becomes even less of a concern as there are far less joints to worry about

readily available

We stock 18 colors domestically in our Orlando warehouse, as well as 6 skus in Atlanta. We always keep samples on hand, so there‚Äôs no long lead times or playing the guessing game to see if a certain color will work for your project. 

italian technology

Italian tile makers innovated the art of creating porcelain tiles with top of the line manufacturing  technology. Compared to other manufactured surfaces on the market, porcelain triumphs over other materials for its realistic looks and sharp and consistent colors. 

low maintenance

As a non porous material, there is no need for Seamless porcelain slabs to be sealed, and minimal maintenance is needed to keep installations looking pristine. Porcelain is less likely to scratch and stain versus traditional marble slabs, and with an abrasion resistance of CL. 4, it is rated for use in all residential projects and commercial applications.

good for your health

Porcelain in itself is antimicrobial, anti bacterial, and stain resistant. Panels are a great option for wall coverings in healthcare areas where a reliable, easily cleanable surface is needed. Because of the way porcelain panels are manufactured, they also do not emit any VOCs and have a natural resistance to pathogens.

building efficiency

Porcelain panels are an ideal solution for ventilated facades due to being lightweight yet resistant to harsh exterior elements. Coupled with its unique energy efficient properties, Seamless porcelain panels provide an architecturally stunning surface solution that reduces thermal loads and cuts the energy required for cooling

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