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Porto & Textile

Hexagon tile is unique yet simplistic enough to integrate into any design, ranging from traditional style renovations to modern home projects. Its impervious, frost resistant and durable features make this an ideal tile for residential indoor and outdoor use, including backsplashes, bathrooms, kitchens and patios.


Super-glossy concave and convex surfaces combined with three-dimensional structures alternate on the walls, bringing them to life.


Inspired by the modern, industrial look of cement including splash in bright, spirited colors.


 Join collection stands out for its remarkable technical features that make it perfect for a wide variety of applications on floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors.

Seamless USA

Thin porcelain panels can be used in a variety of applications, including exterior cladding, walls, floors, over existing tile, on counter tops and furniture.


Tomma is durable and beautifully designed. It has the versatility and functionality for both residential and commercial installations.

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