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A collection of wall tile embracing a modern aesthetic. Captivating color variations and texture which contributes to the feeling of three-dimensionality and expansiveness.

Venezia Cromie

Venezia Cromie draws inspiration from the city of Venice with iconic bas reliefs and the tones of the Lagoon. Each tile is a hand painted work of ceramic art, distinguished by the unique depth of it’s glaze. Just as water is the iconic element of the city of the Lagoon, water is the determining element in the spread of color on each tile. Every project captures its own piece of Venice and is unique in its own way.


Lapis is made by 6 semi circles that form a ribbed 3D appearance and create light and shadow vibrations throughout the space. The trend is luxury, old money with bold colorways.


A porcelain stoneware line that captures the beauty of terracotta. Home is a place to relax and unwind- to open up to your true sense of self. Terracotta is one of the oldest iterations of clay ceramic tile. Home provides the distinct advantage of durability and consistency, while also allowing for an interesting opportunity to create these looks in different colors like black, white, and blue.


Slate is a timeless look with a minimalist edge that has held its own in the design sphere for decades. While many porcelain copies have been produced, today's technology allows for a texture, graphic and depth or color not previously offered. This series is available in a range of colors and sizes, what is most intriguing is the depth of color and the stone plank option with playful tatami and chevron mosaic for an update and classic look.


SHIZEN is derived from the Japanese philosophy of a natural and balance life of cosy warmth and aesthetic beauty. The unique thin sizes open up many opportunities for pattern play and visual interest.

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