• Nuance


    Manufactured by
    V1 Shade Variation V1 Shade Variation
    No test data available for this wall tile.


    The faint colors, shadows and the luster of reflective surfaces produce a new, surprising surface. Nuance is double fired, rectified ceramic tile.


    Available Colors

    Imola Nuance A

    Nuance A

    Nuance 1 A

    Nuance 1 A

    Imola Nuance 3 A

    Nuance 3 A

    Imola Nuance B

    Nuance B

    Nuance 1 B

    Nuance 1 B

    Imola Nuance 3 B

    Nuance 3 B

    Imola Nuance Broccato B1

    Broccato B1

    Imola Nuance Broccato1 B1

    Broccato1 B1

    Imola Nuance B.Broccato 5B

    B.Broccato 5B

    Imola Nuance B.Broccato 8B

    B.Broccato 8B

    Imola Nuance Z.Broccato B

    Z.Broccato B

    Imola Nuance TO

    Nuance TO

    Nuance 1 TO

    Nuance 1 TO

    Imola Nuance 3 TO

    Nuance 3 TO

    Imola Nuance Doily BTO1

    Doily BTO1

    Imola Nuance Doily1 BTO1

    Doily1 BTO1

    Imola Nuance L.Doily BTO

    L.Doily BTO

    Imola Nuance B.Doily BTO

    B.Doily BTO

    Imola Nuance W

    Nuance W

    Nuance 1 W

    Nuance 1 W

    Imola Nuance 3 W

    Nuance 3 W

    Imola Nuance Dafne W4

    Dafne W4

    Imola Nuance G

    Nuance G

    Nuance 1 G

    Nuance 1 G

    Imola Nuance 3 G

    Nuance 3 G

    Imola Nuance DG

    Nuance DG

    Nuance 1 DG

    Nuance 1 DG

    Imola Nuance 3 DG

    Nuance 3 DG

    Available Sizes & Finishes

    Size Finish
    10" x 30" Glossy
    10" x 30" Deco Nuance 1 Glossy
    10" x 30" Deco Nuance 3 Glossy
    10" x 30" Deco Broccato B1 Glossy
    10" x 30" Deco Broccato1 B1 Glossy
    2" x 10" Accent B.Broccato 5B Glossy
    3.1" x 10" Accent B.Broccato 8B Glossy
    6" x 10" Accent Z.Broccato B Glossy
    10" x 30" Deco Doily BTO1 Glossy
    10" x 30" Deco Doily1 BTO1 Glossy
    1.8" x 30" Accent L.Doily BTO Glossy
    1" x 30" Accent B.Doily BTO Glossy
    10" x 10" Deco Dafne W4 Glossy
    1" x 30" Jolly Liner Glossy
    0.6" x 30" Half Round Liner Glossy

    Inventory levels and lead times vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific job requirements.