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    Manufactured by
    Cerim USA
    V3 Shade Variation V3 Shade Variation


    Inspired by nature, this stone-look porcelain tile is a perfect blend of colors and combinations that creates an impeccable balance between functionality and hedonism, practicality and emotion.


    Available Colors

    Cerim USA Desire White


    Cerim USA Desire Amber


    Cerim USA Desire Silver


    Cerim USA Desire Brown


    Cerim USA Desire Black



    Size Finish
    12" x 24" Natural
    18" x 18" Natural
    12" x 12" Natural
    6" x 6" Natural
    2" x 2" (12" x 12") Mosaic Natural
    3" x 12" Bullnose Natural

    Inventory levels and lead times vary. Please contact us or call 1-800-536-9224 to discuss your specific job requirements.

    Commercial Residential Exterior Wet Areas
    Floor/Wall Floor/Wall Floor/Wall Floor/Wall

    The information above refers to interior applications unless otherwise noted. Many applications require specific installation methods and materials. Please contact us or call 1-800-536-9224 to discuss your specific job requirements.

    Installation Material(s) Grout Sealer Standard Cleaner Special Cleaner
    Laticrete Modified Thinset
    Mapei Modified Thinset
    Laticrete Sanded Grout
    Laticrete Epoxy Grout
    Mapei Sanded Grout
    Mapei Epoxy Grout
    Aqua Mix Sealer
    Note: We recommend sealing mortar based grout.
    Aqua Mix Tile Cleaner
    Neutral pH Household Cleaner
    Aqua Mix Heavy Cleaner

    Many applications require specific installation methods and care. Please contact us or call 1-800-536-9224 to discuss your specific job requirements.

    Description  Result Standard
    ≥ 0.45 ANSI 137.1
    Water Absorption
    ≤ 0.5% ASTM C373
    Chemical Resistance
    ASTM 650                                  
    Frost Resistant 
    Resistant ASTM C1026
    Breaking Strength
    ≥ 400 lbf. ASTM C648
    Abrasion Resistance 
    Class 4  ASTM C1027

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