Remodeling and Home Design

Services For Design Professionals


Specialty Tile is dedicated to advancing the cause and increasing the proper use of ceramic tile. We will cater and provide programs of your choice at your office or at our facilities.

  • Office Setup: Specialty Tile will set your office up with our complete custom designed sample kits and those of our primary vendors. They are informative, attractive and well organized. They will not leave your office looking jumbled and messy. We can and will tailor our set to your specific needs and make you your own should that be required.
  • Individual Pieces: Specialty Tile will provide individual or cut pieces for submittal books and story-boards. These are available at our showrooms or by calling your sales representative or via mail. (since some our lines have over 100,000 pieces and colors). We will also ship to your out-of-town clients if need be.
  • Grouted panels: Specialty Tile will provide grouted panels for your project presentations so that you might show color and shape ranges or how various products will look in place. Call your sales rep or provide us with a fax drawing and we will be able to determine the time frame for delivery.
  • Private Showrooms: That’s right - “Our house is your house”. Use our showrooms as your private showroom. Specialty Tile will book private showings after hours or on weekends for you and your clients. We know that many people simply can not meet during our regular hours and we will accommodate those schedules. We also have a growing list of celebrity customers who require some privacy as they select. We provide refreshment and comfort for those in this position. Call to set appointments.