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Ceramica Fioranese Nu Travertine 18x18 Walnut Unpolished

Ceramica Fioranese Nu Travertine.
Minimal architecture acquires renewed prestige through the vital energy of Nu_Travertine, which adds warmth and depth to the environment.

Since 2002, Ceramica Fioranese research has been well known for its superior know-how in the field of digital technology. Nu_Travertine is the fruit of this ongoing design evolution process: a genuinely beautiful stone, with the authentic look of stone that has just left the quarry. The aim of the patent application was to register the twenty-one faces of our Nu_Travertine, both on the flat and in 3D, in order to give a truly exclusive character to this design, studied and produced using digital pigment technology. Certified as containing over 40% recycled material, Nu_Travertine also complies with the most stringent standards in terms of ecocompatibility

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24x24  18x18  12x24 
12x12  2x2 mosaic  3x12-bn

Please note: Additional sizes may be available through special order.

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This tile has substantial shade variation.


Technical Information

Technical Feature Test Method  Required Standards
 Sizes and Look of the Tile ISO 10545-2 

Length and width: ±0,6%
Thickness: ±5%
Straightness of sides: ±0,5%
Rectangularity: ±0,6%
Surface flatness: ±0,5%
Surface quality: 95% of tiles with no defaults

 Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 

 < 0,5% < E < 3%

(Maximum single value: 0,6%)

 Breaking Strength
ISO 10545-4 

35 N/mm2 min.

(Single value: 27 N/mm2 min.)

 Breaking strength ISO 10545-4  Thickness:? 7,5 mm: 1100 N min.
< 7,5 mm: 700 N min.
 Resistance to surface abrasion ISO 10545-7
State the PEI rate and covered cycles
 Crazing resistance ISO 10545-11 
 Frost resistance ISO 10545-12  Required
 Chemical resistance (Acid and alkali low  
ISO 10545-13  According to the classification stated by the manufacturer
 Chemical resistance (Domestic use
 and swimming pool chemicals)
ISO 10545-13  min. GB
 Stain resistance ISO 10545-14  min. Class 3

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